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Patty D.  Johnson knows from experience that the Father's desire for each of His  children is joy unspeakable and full of glory. But few of His children  are living that reality.

Starting  out in marriage with a degree in mechanical engineering from Penn  State, Patty moved all over the country with her executive husband and  four children, always carrying a suitcase of beautiful dreams that lived  in her heart. Enduring a great deal of family heartache and anguish,  she suffered deep and lasting dismay as those dreams were brutally  shattered. She questioned herself as a mother ... questioned herself as a  woman. 

 But the confusion and heartache did not win. Patty learned how to position herself for victory. 


 Many relate  to Patty's struggles and respond to her disarming authenticity. She has  an amazing ability to communicate the deep and profound things of the  Spirit ... sharing with gut-wrenching honesty, never masking her tears,  and yet bringing the room back into joy with her contagious laughter.  Patty takes the complicated and makes it simple ... giving people a  proven path from the most devastating hopelessness to joy unspeakable  and full of glory. She boldly and confidently establishes truth that  strengthens and positions God's children for victory.​ 


" ...  has rich experiences under her belt that have proven the faithfulness and abiding love of Christ ... " 


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"Patty inspires you to live free, regardless of what has held you bound. You will see yourself through God's eyes and learn how to wait in adversity and trust Him in all thing."


Motivational Speaker, Founder of The Favor Foundation