Have you endured unanswered prayers?  Have you dealt with gut-wrenching sorrow, faced crippling fear, or lived with shame?


Disowned  by parents, cursed repeatedly, misunderstood, coping with sons in and  out of prison despite every effort to provide them with nurture, love,  and help ... Patty Johnson provides an authentic glimpse into her life.  The best part is how she conquered defeat, discovered her uniqueness and  learned how to live in confident boldness. You will learn how to take  the driver’s seat of your own life and live totally, completely,  abundantly free!

" ... a front row seat ... you will smile, and maybe shed a tear or two as you relate easily ... "

President/CEO, Aglow International


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The  Lord Jesus Christ comes as your Liberator. He comes to gather you near  to His heart, to sing over you as He holds you close, to contend for  you, and to rescue you from the fierce warriors who have held you  captive.​This  book is about the power to overcome fear. It is the story of the  transformation that takes place in a life when it is picked up and held  in the arms of the One who created it. This book will usher you into  your Father's heart of love where you will be empowered to overcome all  fear.

 "Patty has an amazing ability to  communicate the deep and profound things of the Spirit which come out of  a very real relationship with the Lord." 


Pastor, International Minister, Missionary